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The PLC has an internal procedures and organizational methods compatibly with the companies in which is provides services. However, in order to go deeper and deeper into the needs and satisfaction of our customers, we are in the process of in implementing the quality Management system based on ISO 9001:2008 in order to solicit their certification authority as soon as possible.

We are committed to develop, enhance and manage the organization for quality, without losing is identify and values which we are recognized in the marketplace by our customers.

We intend to be among the best in all areas in which to operate, differentiating us the credibility, dedication, dynamism, efficiency, experiences, flexibility, honesty and tradition, and emphasizing us for our special culture, team spirit and strong commitment to continuous improving.  

The PLC quality policy is based on the:
Promote the quality of customer service; 
Ensure compliance with requirements of customers by meeting their needs;
Ensure that all employees are informed and motivated for the quality Management system;
 Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System implemented;
This policy, together with the internal procedures will support the Quality Management System to implement the Company.



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