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PLC, surge in 2000 the by the hand and commitment of the current member (founder), with reference to the union of technical knowledge acquired from years of working in the industry. With a small physical structure and technical difficulties with any company that starts with a small financial structure, bet on clients with serious work, transparent, accountable and professional ethics. In parallel, always maintained a good relationship with suppliers, which provided a sustained growth, which led to this moment the company has its own facilities divided into administrative building, warehouse, workshop and area of the yard, a total of 900m ² area coverage on deployment of 1,500 m² and a group of skilled and motivated employees to continue their good name to give credibility.

The PLC is a company dedicated to the industrial sector, with extensive experience and high knowledge (know-how), with a qualified technical team and in constant training, which allows you to embrace projects in different fields. Is our goal to provide the customer a quality service, providing diversified solutions according to their needs, offering products, solutions and services.

As a result of our professional and personal skills, it was possible to build partnerships and trust with world renowned companies and earn a range of reference customers.

We offer the most advanced technology solutions for next-generation in the field of instrumentation, automation, electricity, alternative energy and information technologies, among other services.

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