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Etar da Foz do Lizandro

Ano de construção: 2014/ 2015
Valor adjudicado: 818.385,70 €

Empreiteiro de Eletricidade, instrumentação e Automação: PLControl


Uma obra com forte impacto no ambiente, uma excelente contribuição para a melhoria nas condições de vida das populações locais e nos ecossistemas.

Capacidade: 4.000 m³/dia
População Abrangida: 28 mil habitantes – (Época baixa)

Uma obra moderna com tecnologia inovadora, que tem como objetivo promover o tratamento adequado das águas residuais urbanas e o cumprimento das disposições legais aplicáveis.

Uma ótima e eficiente solução para o tratamento de saneamento da região, uma melhoria substancial das condições ambientais, que contribui de forma inequívoca para o desenvolvimento da região cada vez mais frequentada por turistas nacionais e estrangeiros.

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PL. CONTROL – Técnicas de Automação e Control, Lda

Purpose –Management, training, supervision and commissioning of instrumentation and automation, industrial control and electrical equipment, electrical and mechanical consulting services and development of engineering projects.

Construction permit nº 63667, 4ª categoria - Electrical and mechanical installations.


Rua das Naus, Bloco 5.1 - 3º Esq. B

7500-140 Vila Nova de Santo André


+ 351 269 759 100


+ 351 269 759 109

Página Internet:



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Estrutura Jurídica:

Company by quota

Capital Social:

500.000,00 €


71120 – Engineering and related activities

Alvará de Construção:


N.º Único/NIPC:

504 970 119


Artlant (Sines) – Electrical heat trace (installation, tests and connections).

Artlant (Sines) – Commission of electricity (Crossing and testing cables, connections of frames, motors and lightings).

Artlant (Sines) – Primary and secondary cable trays (20.000m).

Hidrocontratcto (foz do lizandro) – Treatment plant wastewater on Foz do Lizandro (electricity, instrumentation and commissioning).

Petrogal (Tanquisado) – substitution of equipments in order to comply with ATEX standards (phase 2)

LBC TANQUIPOR - Power and control of electrical actuators.

J.Gonzaga Rosa (Sines) – Installation of alternative energy (air conditioning, solar heating and SHW).

Petrogal (Tanquisado) – Replacement of motorized valves.

Petrogal (Sacavem) – Pumping system automation.

Petrogal (Refinaria de Sines) – Fiber optic cables reparation and certification.             

Prio energy – Fuel system transfer  

CLT (TGLS) – supplying and installation level in Tank 06TK01

Petrogal (Tanquisado) – Fully automation of fuel Cogeneration Island.

Petrogal (parque da boa nova ) – Access Control Automation.

Prio energy - Automation control system of additive pumps.

LBC Tanquipor – Development of CEPSA’s Interface.

Petrogal (Porto) – Implementation of the access control system of vehicles for the plants of lubricants, with integration in mainstream.

Petrogal (Refinaria de Sines) – supply and installation of access control system for tank cars.

Petrogal (Refinaria de Sines) – Upgrade of access control and automatic filling tank cars system.

Petrogal (Tanquisado) – supply and installation of access control and automatic filling tank cars system.

Petrogal (Tanquisado) – Replacement and equipment in order to comply with ATEX standards.

Petrogal (Refinaria de Sines) – supply and installation of PLC CONTROL ordinance trucks.

Endress and Hauser – supply and configuration of fuel filling system for SKID’s.

CLT (TGLS) – Supply, installation and configuration of the new fiber optic network in oil terminal of Sines.

Endress and Hauser – Radio Communication system for transmit instrumentation signals.

REN ATLANTICO (Sines) - ISPS 3 reception.

LBC Tanquipor – Supply and installation of automatic filling of tank cars (4 Loading Bays).

LBC Tanquipor – Communication data network.

CLT (Terminal Petroleiro de Sines) – Structured network.

PORTUCEL DE VIANA – Instrumentation work in annual shutdown.

PETROGAL (Porto Brandão) – Removal of control system filling tank cars (COTAS UNIX) Faro Park and installation in the park of Porto Brandão.

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) - Supply an installation of automatic system for detection of vehicle license plate.

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) – Supply and installation of access control system.

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) – Supply and installation of instrumentation overall fuel storage facilities.

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) – Supply and installation of filling tank cars system (5 loading Bays).

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) – Supply and installation of levels control system (levels, pressures, temperatures).

MARTIFER/PRIO ENERGY (Aveiro) – Supply and installation of Control system for biofuel Facility.

EDP/EFACEC – Commissioning of the FGD (Desulfurization) in groups one and two of Sines Thermal Power Plant.

EDP/EFACEC – commissioning of new DCS in groups one and two of Sines Thermal Power Plant.

EDP/EFACEC – Remodeling of the regulatory system of local chains of group one and two of Sines Thermal Power Plant.

SOLVAY – Installation of instruments and commissioning, in the new ED (station of dematerialized water).

SAAGA (Acores) – Supply and configuration of ENRAF equipments.

APS (Sines) - Supply and configuration of ENRAF equipments.

PETROGAL (Sines) – Access Control of vehicles and tank cars.

APS (Sines) - Technical assistant of ENRAF levels.

EDP/CPPE - Supply, installation and commissioning of the switchgear and control the power supply of the new electrical heat trace on Fuel pipeline.

EDP/CPPE - Supply, installation and commissioning of a new electrical heat trace (18x1.150m) on Fuel pipeline.

PETROGAL (Sines) – installation of additive system on two loading Bays of tank cars.


The PLC has an internal procedures and organizational methods compatibly with the companies in which is provides services. However, in order to go deeper and deeper into the needs and satisfaction of our customers, we are in the process of in implementing the quality Management system based on ISO 9001:2008 in order to solicit their certification authority as soon as possible.

We are committed to develop, enhance and manage the organization for quality, without losing is identify and values which we are recognized in the marketplace by our customers.

We intend to be among the best in all areas in which to operate, differentiating us the credibility, dedication, dynamism, efficiency, experiences, flexibility, honesty and tradition, and emphasizing us for our special culture, team spirit and strong commitment to continuous improving.  

The PLC quality policy is based on the:
Promote the quality of customer service; 
Ensure compliance with requirements of customers by meeting their needs;
Ensure that all employees are informed and motivated for the quality Management system;
 Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System implemented;
This policy, together with the internal procedures will support the Quality Management System to implement the Company.


Instrumentation, Industrial Control and Electricity
We perform works of supplies and or\ services in the area of instrumentation, industrial control, electrical, communication in copper or fiber and alternative energy in order to offer to our customer’s integrated solutions and high quality standards.
Industrial Networks
We make industrial networks, based on communication technologies, copper or optical fiber.
The company dominates technologies such as:
•    Ethernet standard copper cable;
•    Optical Fibbers  ;
•    Wireless networks ;
•    VPN Access (Virtual private networks) ;
•    Industrial networks protocols  ;

Based on these Technologies to performing the study, solutions, implementation and maintenance of data networks. 
General services 
We stand out of the good relationship that we have with the costumers, looking for solutions, in order to get high levels of efficiency and satisfaction.
In pursuit of this end, we make direct interventions in industrial facilities, provide equipment and / or we provide competent technicians in the areas of:
• Project;
• Consulting;
• Surveillance, planning and construction management;
• Commissioning and putting into service;
• Training and formation;
• Technical support and maintenance;
• Contract work such as "turnkey";
• Consulting services in the implementation of projects of others.
The use of communication technologies industry, like hart, OPC, among others, allows us to make substantial reductions in the level of costs to the client implementation and system integration.
We have the necessary logistics, including tools, transportation, equipment, etc. That associated   with qualified employees, dynamic and proactive; allow us to meet in a responsible manner, the timing to be agreed with a client.

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